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Plate Pack Upgrades

Pulse~Pure Water Treatment System

Evapco’s Pulse~Pure Water Treatment System offers an environmentally sensitive alternative for treating cooling water. Evapco’s patent pending Pulse~Pure innovation utilizes pulsed-power technology to provide chemical-free water treatment with no harmful by-products. More Information, Pulse-Pure Video.


Super Low Sound Fan

The Super Low Sound Fan offered by Evapco utilizes an extremely wide chord blade design available for sound sensitive applications where the lowest sound levels are desired. The fan is one-piece molded heavy duty FRP construction utilizing a forward swept blade design. The Super Low Sound Fan is capable of reducing the unit sound pressure levels 9dB(A) to 15dB(A), depending upon specific unit selection and measurement location. The fans are high efficiency axial propeller type and operate with no loss of thermal performance. More Information, Sound Video.


EvapJet – High Performance Nozzles

EvapJet’s unique design ensures that every square inch of heat transfer surface receives complete and even water coverage, resulting in maximum thermal performance! EvapJet nozzles increase equipment thermal performance up to 3.5%. Evapco’s pressurized water distribution system with EvapJet nozzles is the most efficient system in the industry.

EvapJet’s 1″ wide nozzle orifice combined with its location on the side of the header easily allows the largest debris to flow through the water distribution system. Evapco’s pressurized distribution system also helps to force debris through the nozzles thereby significantly reducing maintenance.

This state-of-the-art water distribution system developed by Evapco engineers results in a 66% reduction in nozzles. Fewer nozzles and a wider nozzle orifice reduces the possibility of clogging.

Since there are no moving parts, the nozzles will rarely if ever need to be replaced. Less maintenance!